Generate combinations of Mega Millions numbers. You may fix some numbers, and also see 'what if' scenarios.

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 Mega Millions Combinations Generator (Full Wheel)

Otherwise known as a Lottery Wheel, this utility generates all the lottery combinations of a selected set of  Mega Millions lottery numbers into groups of 5, plus the extra ball, with the option of fixing some selections. Fixed numbers, also known as key numbers, are those lottery numbers that the user wants to appear in all generated lottery plays.

This  Mega Millions lottery wheel is divided into two parts - Preview and Generation, which function independently. The Preview part is intended for analyzing the scenarios and expected outcomes of the combinations of a set of lottery numbers before they are generated. The generation part lists the lottery plays based on the user's selections. If no numbers are fixed, the generated lottery plays will be all the possible combinations of the selected lottery numbers. If some numbers are fixed, then the plays will be generated by combining the fixed numbers with all the possible combinations of the rest of the selected lottery numbers.

If you are a first time user of this tool you may first read the general info and usage instructions provided further below.

Once you have determined how much to spend and selected your  Mega Millions lottery numbers, you can generate the lottery combinations with following tool. Click on a number to select it, click on a selected number to fix it, click on a fixed number to unselect it. Every time you click, the total lottery combinations to be generated will be displayed at the bottom. The 'Generate' button opens a new window with the generated lottery numbers. Becasuse of the time and computer resources involved to generate these combinations, this lottery tool can generate only up to 100,000 lottery combinations.


General Information on the  Mega Millions Combinations Generator

You can generate the combinations of a selected set of lottery numbers of the  Mega Millions game with or without fixing some of them. The purpose of fixing some lottery numbers is to reduce the number of plays generated. This results in lower cost, but at the expense of reduces chance of winning. For instance, the combinations of 11 lottery numbers will result in 4158 lottery plays of  Mega Millions; but if 2 of the numbers are fixed, the number of lottery plays becomes 756. This utility allows you to fix up to 4 lottery numbers. To choose which Mega Millions lottery numbers to fix, you may arbitrarily do so, or you may use the results of our  Mega Millions Numbers Analysis as well as our  Mega Millions Pairs Analysis and  Mega MillionsNumber-ball pairs analysis.

A  Mega Millions jackpot is guaranteed if the fixed numbers are all winning numbers, plus if all the other winning lottery numbers are among the selected numbers. If no lottery numbers are fixed, then a jackpot is guaranteed as long as the winning lottery numbers are all within the selected numbers. All other scenarios can be viewed by manipulating the 'what if..' situations in the Preview section as will be demonstrated below.

Full Wheel Usage Example for Mega Millions

Let us suppose that we want to play all  Mega Millions lottery numbers that end with 0 and 5, that is, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 (a total of 11). Plus 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 as the Extra Balls (9 of them). To preview the scenarios, select 11 from the drop-down numbers of the regular numbers to play and 9 for the Extra Ball and click on "Show Scenario". The total number of Mega Millions lottery plays to be generated will be shown as 4158. Now, we can manipulate some 'what if' situations to see how the 4158 Mega Millions lottery tickets would fare. For example, if 4 of these lottery numbers are winners, but not the Extra Ball, then click on the "If 4 correct" line. You will see that 63 of our Mega Millions lottery plays(tickets) will match 4-of-5, none will match 3-of-5 + Ball, and so on. If one of the selected Extra Balls is also a winner, click on the "If 4 + Ball correct" line; there will be 7 matches of 4-of-5 + Ball, 56 matches of 4-of-5, and so on. If all of the winning numbers end either with 0 or 5, then it will be celebration time.

Now let us see the effect fixing 2 of our Mega Millions numbers. Go back to the Preview panel and select 2 as the numbers to fix, while leaving the others as they are. In this case there will be only 756 lottery plays to be generated all of which will contain the two fixed lottery numbers. Here, the scenarios will involve how many of the fixed numbers and how many of the other selected lottery numbers are winners, and also if the Extra Ball is a winner. For example, if 1 of the fixed numbers and 3 of the other selected lottery numbers are winners, and if the Ball is also a winner, clicking on the "If 1 fixed + 3 others + Ball correct" line of the options list will reveal that 1 of the 756 Mega Millions lottery tickets will match 4-of-5 + Ball, 8 will match 4-of-5, and so forth.

The generation part of  Mega Millions combinations shouldn't pose any problem. As explained above, a cycle of clicks on a number will select, fix, and unselect it, respectively. The 'Generate' button will list the resulting Mega Millions lottery combinations in a new browser window. Again, note that if you fix the Extra Ball, you cannot have other Ball selections.

At this point, you can select the 11 Mega Millions numbers of our example and see the outcome. Also, you may fix 2 numbers, say, 5 and 10, and click "Generate". Observe that all the generated Mega Millions lottery combinations will contain 5 and 10.

Finally, remember that you can check the past performance of a set of  Mega Millions lottery combination with our Mega Millions Combinations Checker. Also, if the Mega Millions combinations generated by this full lottery wheel are one too many to risk, you may try the Mega Millions abbreviated wheels.


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