Full or partial search of past winning numbers of the Tri-State Lottery Pick 3 game. Tool lists the drawn numbers both in exact order (straight) and any order (box). Also use ? or - to search partial matches.

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Tri-State Lottery  Pick 3 Number Search

When and how many times was a Tri-State Lottery Pick 3 number drawn in exact order or in any order? What about part of a number such as pairs?

This tool allows you to list the history of a specific Tri-State Pick 3 in exact order (straight) or any order (box or combo). It also allows you to search part of a number or a pattern such as pairs and triads. If you are looking for the number drawn on a specific date, please see our past winning numbers page.

- Updated on :Wednesday, April 23, 2014
- Latest Winning Number : 211
- Results Available : from 11/10/1980 to 4/23/2014
- Number of Draws : 15231

If this is the first time you are using this utility, please read the instructions on How to search for the past history of a winning Tri-State Lottery Pick 3 number or patern.

Please enter a Pick 3 number (3-digits with or without a wild card "?" or a "-") and press SEARCH

History of the most recent winning number : 211 in exact order
Draw DateHow many draws agoDraws between drawsTime between draws
Saturday, April 09, 1988(EVE) 1293122997y 4m 30d (from start date)
Saturday, August 31, 1991(EVE) 1187010613y 4m 22d
Saturday, September 25, 1993(EVE) 112226482y 26d
Friday, August 09, 2002(EVE) 822729958y 10m 15d
Saturday, September 13, 2003(DAY) 77514761y 1m 4d
Friday, September 03, 2004(EVE) 7038713 11m 21d
Monday, June 20, 2005(EVE) 6458580 9m 17d
Monday, November 29, 2010(EVE) 248239765y 5m 9d
Wednesday, April 23, 2014(EVE) 024823y 4m 25d

The number 211 has been drawn 9 times in exact order.

History of 211 in any order
NumberDraw DateHow many draws agoDraws between drawsTime between draws
112Thursday, April 23, 1981(EVE) 15093137 5m 13d (from start date)
112Friday, May 21, 1982(EVE) 147603331y 28d
112Thursday, January 16, 1986(EVE) 1362711333y 7m 26d
211Saturday, April 09, 1988(EVE) 129316962y 2m 24d
112Tuesday, February 20, 1990(EVE) 123485831y 10m 11d
211Saturday, August 31, 1991(EVE) 118704781y 6m 11d
121Thursday, November 21, 1991(EVE) 1180070 2m 22d
112Saturday, April 04, 1992(EVE) 11684116 4m 14d
211Saturday, September 25, 1993(EVE) 112224621y 5m 21d
121Friday, April 01, 1994(EVE) 11061161 6m 7d
121Tuesday, April 12, 1994(EVE) 110529 11d
121Wednesday, April 12, 1995(EVE) 107393131y
121Thursday, March 26, 1998(EVE) 98149252y 11m 14d
112Saturday, October 30, 1999(EVE) 92415731y 7m 4d
112Sunday, June 23, 2002(EVE) 82749672y 7m 24d
211Friday, August 09, 2002(EVE) 822747 1m 17d
121Saturday, December 28, 2002(EVE) 8086141 4m 19d
112Friday, July 25, 2003(DAY) 7851235 6m 27d
121Friday, August 29, 2003(DAY) 778170 1m 4d
211Saturday, September 13, 2003(DAY) 775130 15d
112Thursday, July 15, 2004(DAY) 7139612 10m 2d
211Friday, September 03, 2004(EVE) 7038101 1m 19d
211Monday, June 20, 2005(EVE) 6458580 9m 17d
121Friday, April 04, 2008(EVE) 442020382y 9m 15d
112Friday, October 24, 2008(DAY) 4015405 6m 20d
112Friday, October 24, 2008(EVE) 40141
121Thursday, November 13, 2008(DAY) 397539 20d
112Saturday, January 17, 2009(EVE) 3844131 2m 4d
112Tuesday, December 29, 2009(EVE) 3152692 11m 12d
211Monday, November 29, 2010(EVE) 2482670 11m
112Friday, April 15, 2011(DAY) 2209273 4m 17d
121Monday, March 19, 2012(DAY) 1531678 11m 4d
112Saturday, March 16, 2013(EVE) 806725 11m 25d
112Tuesday, May 28, 2013(EVE) 660146 2m 12d
121Saturday, June 15, 2013(EVE) 62436 18d
211Wednesday, April 23, 2014(EVE) 0624 10m 8d

The number 211 has been drawn 37 times in any order.

How to search for the past history of a winning Tri-State Lottery Pick 3 number

There are three ways that you can use this utility to search for past winning performance of a Tri-State Lottery Pick 3 number:

  1. Direct search Just enter the three digits of a Pick 3 number and all past draws of that number in exact order will be listed in the top panel and all past draws of the number in any order (as a box or combo) will be listed in the bottom panel.
  2. Wild Card Search In this case you can include one or more question marks at any position of the three digits as a wild card. If you use one wild card, the search will proceed for all winning Pick 3 numbers that contain the two digits in their exact positions. For example, searching for "?08" will list all the past Tri-State Lottery Pick 3 numbers whose back pair is "08". Only exact order results are listed here.

    If you enter two wild cards, the search will be performed by replacing the two positions by identical digits. For instance, searching for "?0?" will list all numbers with "0" in the middle and identical digits at the ends (such as 101, 202, etc.). If you enter three wild cards, "???", all triples will be listed.
  3. Pair Search This new addition allows you to search for a pair of Pick 3 digits in any order and at any postion. Here, you can enter a hyphen and two digits to list the occurence of the two digits. For example, "-02" will list all the winning numbers which contain "0" and "2". They may be 902, 200, 072, and so on. Note that you can place the hyphen anywhere within the 3 characters without affecting the result. So, all the following will yield the same result: "4-5", "-54", "45-"; they will all search for "45" at any position and in any arrangement. There are, however, a couple of trivial restrictions : Do not use more than one hyphen, and do not use the wild card (?) and the hyphen together.

When you first load this web page, or if you do not enter any number in the search box, the winning history of the latest Pick 3 number (211 ) will be listed.

Among other obivious results, the lists also contain "Draws between draws" and "Time between draws" columns that indicate the draws and time elapsed, respectively, between consecutive draws.

At the end of the lists are brief summaries. Especially interesting is how long ago the number or the number pattern was last drawn.

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