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Powerball results, statistics, and analysis

 Powerball Latest Result

Wednesday, November 06, 2013
01-05-10-15-49 ** 22

Jackpot for this draw
Annuity: pending | Cash: pending

Jackpot winners for this draw:
Second Prize winners:

Last Jackpot won - Wedneaday, August 7, 2013
1 winner in Minnesota, 2 winners in New Jersey
Annuity: $448.4 Million | Cash: $258.2 Million

Powerball Jackpot for next draw -
Annuity: pending | Cash: pending


Powerball lottery winning numbers available on this site :
   From : Wednesday, November 05, 1997
   To :    Wednesday, November 06, 2013
   Draws : 1671
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Contents of Powerball pages

All Winning Numbers
Monthly calenderical display of all previous winning numbers of the Powerball . You can select month and year, or use forward and backward buttons to navigate through all past Powerball lottery results.

Number Search
A powerful search of winning history of a Powerball lottery set of numbers. Just select five Powerball numbers, plus a ball, and all previous winners of 5-of-5, 4-of-5, 3-of-5, etc., of that set of lottery numbers will be listed.

Yearly Calendar
Printable yearly calendar of Powerball winning lottery numbers. Just select the year you want to print.
The calendar page does not have site navigation menus.

Numbers Analysis
How many draws is it since an individual  Powerball number was drawn last? How many times is each individual lottery number drawn? You can determine the least and most frequently drawn Powerball lottery numbers. The frequencies are computed for all draws as well as for some number of draws. You can also perform your own analysis by specifying a time or draw interval.

Pairs Analysis
In addition to individual lottery numbers, you can also view analysis of pairs. What pairs of Powerball numbers are drawn the least and which ones are drawn the most? Are there pairs that are never drawn? or drawn only several years ago?

A Number-Ball Pair Analysis
A pair can also be formed from a regular number and an Extra Ball. The frequencies and last draws of such pairs of the Powerball are analyzed here.

Check Combinations
Check if certain combinations of Powerball numbers have been winners. You can select 2 or more lottery numbers to check how many jackpots that combination has hit. Useful tool for players who would like to venture in a large wagering of all possible combinations of a selected set of numbers. For instance, select all even numbers and check how they fared. Also, use it to list the history of pairs and triads.

Full Wheel
This generates all the possible combinations of a set of Powerball numbers. You have also the option of fixing some lottery numbers, in which case the generated plays will contain all the fixed numbers and all the possible combinations of the others.

Abbreviated Wheels
Shortened combinations of a set of Powerball numbers that guarantee certain conditional winners. If the full wheels are one too many to risk then try these. No guarantee of jackpot if you get all selected lottery numbers.

Leads to common Powerball questions

What are the least and the most frequently drawn Powerball numbers? What Powerball numbers have not been drawn recently? Have my favorite set of Powerball numbers ever won or came close to winning the jackpot? What are the least and the most frequently drawn Powerball pairs of numbers? Are there any Powerball pairs of numbers not yet drawn? Which Powerball pairs have not been drawn in the last 100 draws? Which Powerball numbers are most frequently paired with the number 1? I want the history of the Powerball pair 1-2. What are the least and the most frequently drawn Powerball number-Extra ball pairs? How many Powerball number-Extra ball pairs have not yet been drawn? I want to see all past results of the Powerball winning numbers. I want the winning numbers of an entire year on one page. Show me the list of draws where all the winning Powerball numbers were all odd-nubers. Have there been any draws where all the numbers were less than 10? List all the possible combinations of Powerball even numbers. Generate all the possible combinations of my 10 favorite Powerball numbers. Generate all the possible combinations of my ten favorite Powerball numbers, making sure that a selected two of the ten numbers are always in the combinations. Generate reduced combinations of my 10 favorite Powerball numbers so as to guarantee lower prizes. What are all the odds of winning the Powerball game?

 Powerball Recent Winning Numbers

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