Check if a large combinations of of Powerball numbers have ever been drawn. Try even numbers, odd numbers, less than 10 numbers, etc.

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 Powerball - History of a Powerball Combination of Numbers

Select 1 to 44 numbers and 1 to 38 Ball numbers and press the "Search" key. (Click on a number to select it, click again to unselect it).


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Combinatitions Checker

This utility is similar to the Number Search of Powerball game. The difference is that here you can select both less than and greater than 5 numbers, and one or more Mega Balls, thus creating more functionality. You can perform the following tasks:

  • check the past performance of a combination of more than 5 Powerball numbers,
  • get history of Powerball pairs(duos), one-and-ball, triads(trios), and two-and-ball.
For instance, suppose you want to play all the possible combinations of Powerball numbers divisible by 7 both for the main numbers and the Balls. That is, 7 , 14 , 21 , 28 , 35 , 42 , 49 , 56 as the main numbers; 7 , 14 , 21 , 28 , 35 as Ball numbers. This will constitute 8 numbers and 5 Balls resulting in 280 combinations. In order to reduce your wager, you may wish to discard the set of numbers that have already won since it is highly unlikely that a set would win again. You may also wish to compare the past performance of this combination with another set of 8 numbers and 5 Balls. This is where this utilily plays a role - select the desired Powerball numbers and Balls and press the 'Search' button. All past matches of that combination will be listed.

Note that since you are playing several tickets when playing a combination, and since the numbers are repeated on each ticket, any matching member of the combination listed will also result in matchings of several of the other tickets. For instance, if it is listed that this combination matches, say, a 4-of-5 + Ball, on a certain date (draw), then the rest of the tickets of the combination would also have matched additional prizes for that draw. (In fact, there will be not only one but 4 matches of 4-of-5 + Ball itself). The complete resulting matches would be:

  • 4 tickets match 4-of-5 + Ball,
  • 16 tickets match 4-of-5,
  • 24 tickets match 3-of-5 + Ball,
  • 96 tickets match 3-of-5,
  • 24 tickets match 2-of-5 + Ball,
  • 96 tickets match 2-of-5
  • 4 tickets match 1-of-5 + Ball
  • 0 tickets match 0-of-5 + Ball,
and the rest, if any, would match only one number or no match at all.

Keep in mind that you can generate the desired combinations with our Powerball Full Wheel (Combinations Generator) utility.

Please check with your state lottery for how long from the drawing date a winning ticket is valid. Also, you have always to verify the winning numbers with the official release of the winning numbers. Further, matching a few numbers does not necessarily mean winning money.

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