When was a Powerball number last drawn? What is the frequency of a Powerball number in the last specified draws?

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 Powerball Numbers Analysis (Frequency & Last Drawn)

The Powerball numbers analysis involves two parts. The first part lists how many draws have elapsed since a Powerball number's last appearance. The second part is the frequency of each Powerball number; that is, how many times a lottery number has been drawn within a certain specified number of draws. This Powerball analysis was last performed on Wednesday, November 06, 2013

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When was the last draw of a Powerball number

How many draws is it since a Powerball number was last drawn? Each number is expected to show up every 11 or 12 draws. And each Ball every 39 draws. In order to help you identify what are usually called cold  Powerball numbers, late numbers are shown in yellow and very late in red.

Powerball Number Frequencies

How many times did a Powerball number show up in the last 59, 295, 590, and all 1671 draws.
The lottery numbers may be arranged either by their natural order or by their total frequencies by clicking on the toggle button at the bottom of the table. Listing by natural order makes it easy to find a lottery number, while listing by frequency helps to easily identify the least and most frequently drawn Powerball numbers.

There is one short-coming of this analysis : high numbers, which might have been added to the game at a later date, will have significantly lower frequencies than others for larger number of draws. We shall address this discrepancy in the future by introducing some normalizing factor such as percentage.

Last 59 Draws Last 295 Draws Last 590 Draws ALL 1671 Draws

Specify Your Own Range for Number Frequencies of Lottery Powerball

NEW: Specify either the last number of draws or a date interval to analyze the number frequencies of the lottery Powerball game. The four options(tabs) above can be replaced by other four options of your choice. Two methods are available:
1. specify the last number of draws,
2. specify a date range.
For each case, you can specify one or more options.
Select which method to use by clicking on one of the buttons below.

Click on one of the buttons above to reveal the data entry form here.

Please see also the Powerball pairs analysis and Powerball Number-Ball-Pair Analysis pages.

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