Frequency and last appearance of Powerball pairs. Check if there are two numbers that are never drawn together.

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 Powerball Pairs of Numbers Analysis

This page is updated after each draw. Last update was on Wednesday, November 06, 2013, with 01-05-10-15-49**22 as the latest result.

Read about grouping the Powerball numbers.

There are 1711 pair combinations of the 59 numbers of the  Powerball game. Their frequencies and the number of draws since last appearance are analyzed here.

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The 10 pairs in the most recent winning number, 01-05-10-15-49**22,, with their frequencies (times drawn) and number of draws since their last appearance, are listed below.

PairTimes drawnDraws since last appearance

Check all pairs of a selected number of the  Powerball game

What are the the most and least frequently drawn pairs associated with a Powerball number? And which pairs of that number are never drawn or are late? This is what the following tool does. Just select a Powerball number and click 'Show' to list the frequency and last appearance of all the pairs associated with that number.

If you want all draws (or history) of a pair of  Powerball numbers, you can use our  Powerball combinations checker to list all winning numbers that contain that pair. The Powerball pairs are listed in the 2-of-4 winners block.


Frequency of Powerball Pairs of Numbers

Since the 5 numbers drawn at every Powerball draw constitute 10 pairs, a given pair of a Powerball game is expected to be drawn once in 171 draws. If we are dealing with a few hundreds (or less) of draws, then it is unlikely that a pair might not have been drawn at all. Note also that the frequencies of the pairs must demonstrate a nomal distribution. That is, a few pairs with low and high frequencies; a large number of pairs with frequency values in the middle.

Here is a summary of the actual data pertaining to the  Powerball pairs of numbers

And the list of Powerball pairs drawn a specified number of times can be viewed in the box below. Select a frequency from the drop-down list to see which pairs of Powerball numbers have been drawn those many times. The Powerball pairs that have not been drawn yet can be listed by selecting 0.

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Long-time-no-see Powerball Pairs

You may see all the list of pairs of numbers that haven't been drawn in the last specified number of draws. For instance, to see the  Powerball pairs of numbers that haven't come out during the past 1 year period, enter 104 in the box and then click on the 'Show' button. This tool allows you to identify the late Powerball pairs. Note that the list is arranged just in numerical (alphabetical) order; not chronological.

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