There are two types of Keno-type lottery games : regular Keno and spot Keno. The odds of these games can be calculated using our tool.
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Keno Games and Odds Calculator

In contrast to other multi-number lottery games, Keno games are distinguished by the fact that the player does not have to match all the drawn numbers in order to win the jackpot. Usually, in the most common case, 20 numbers are drawn from a lot of 80, and the player has to catch any 10 to win the jackpot. We shall use the notation 10/80/20 to represent such type of games.

In many states Keno is usually close to an instant game drawn every four or five minutes. There are, however, six states listed below, that play Keno-type games with daily draws; in Ohio it drawn twice a day.

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Types of Keno Games and How to Play Keno

First off, we shall represent Keno games by the notation n/N/D, where n is the numbes that the player selects, N represents the numbers to select from, and D is how many are drawn. As mentioned above, 10/80/20 is the most common Keno game.

There are two general types of Keno games, Regular Keno and Spot Keno games. In the Regular Keno game, the player selects a fixed amount of numbers, while in the Spot Keno game, the player can choose how many numbers to play. So, in the Regular and common Keno n=10, while in the case of a Spot game, since the player can select 10, or 9, or 8, etc., n can be 10, 9, 8, etc.

To play keno, all you have to do is get a play slip from a retailer near you and mark your lucky n numbers. If the case of a spot game, you have first to choose the spot you want to play, and then mark numbers exactly equal to the spot you have choosen. For example, if you want to play a 7-spot, mark 7 in the spot selection area and then mark only 7 numbers. Note that the order in which you select and mark the numbers doesn't matter.

List of US Keno-type Daily Games

The following is the full list of United States Keno-type games with their notation and if regular or spot. You'll find data and analysis of each game such as most and least frequently drawn numbers, calenrdical display of the winning numbers, past winning number search, pairs analysis, wheels and combinations generators, and so on. Just click on the state game of your choice.

State - GameGamee NotationGame Type
Indiana - Quick_Draw 10/80/20 regular
Michigan - Keno 10/80/22 regular
New York - Pick 10 10/80/20 regular
Ohio - Ten-OH!
Day and evening draws
10/80/20 regular
Pennsylvania - Super 7
7/77/11 regular
Washington - Daily Keno 10/80/20 regular


Keno Odds

Keno jackpot odds are comparable to the jackpot odds of the common 6-number lottery games, but significantly higher than those of the common 5-number lottery games. In fact, the jackpot odds of a 10/80/20 Keno game are nearly the same as a 6/46 lotto game, or as a 5/66 game. As can be seen on the list of US lottery games, a 6/46 game can be considered as a common game but not a 5/66 game.

Obviously, Keno odds are different for different Spots, and the lower the Spot the lower the top prize odds. However, if the Keno game you are playing is a Spot game, you will be paid more with lower Spots for the same number of catches as higher Spots. For instance, if you catch 7 numbers, you'll be paid 10 times more if you had played 8 Spots than 10 Spots.

The folowing table is a partial list of the odds of the 10/80/20 Spot-Keno game. If your game is not a Spot game (regular Keno), then only 10-Spot lists are applicable. For a full list of Keno odds, or if your game is not 10/80/20, then you can use our Keno Odds Calculator supplied further below.

Odds of the 10/80/20 Keno Spot Game
10-of-20 1 : 8,911,711.2
9-of-201 : 163,381.4
8-of-201 : 7,384.5
7-of-201 : 620.7
6-of-201 : 87.1
9-of-201 : 1,380,687.6
8-of-201 : 30,681.9
7-of-201 : 1,690.1
6-of-201 : 174.8
8-of-201 : 230,114.6
7-of-201 : 6,232.3
6-of-201 : 422.5
5-of-201 : 54.6
7-of-201 : 40,979.3
6-of-201 : 1,366.0
5-of-201 : 115.8
4-of-201 : 19.2
6-of-201 : 7,752.8
5-of-201 : 323.0
4-of-201 : 35.0
3-of-201 : 7.7
5-of-201 : 1,550.6
4-of-201 : 82.7
3-of-201 : 11.9
2-of-201 : 3.7


Keno Odds Calculator

As can be seen on List of US Keno-type Daily Games, most Keno games are of the type 10/80/20, there are, howeve, two exceptions - the daily Michigan Keno game which is a 10/80/22 game and the PA Super 7 which is a 7/77/11 game. For these and any other Keno-type games, as well as to list all Spot game odds, you can use the following Keno Odds calculator.

Keno Odds Calculator

Enter n, N and D
Check the box for a full spot game odds list.

n =
N =
D =
Spot Game List

  • n = How many numbers the player selects
  • N = How many numbers to select from
  • D = How many are drawn
For the common case of a 10/80/20 game, n=10, N=80, D=20


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