Select and generate abbreviated wheel of Mega Millions numbers. Guarantee of smaller wins with selected combinations.

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 Mega Millions Abbreviated Wheels

There are several abbreviated wheels listed on this page for Mega Millions game. Although Mega Millions is a game where numbers are selected from two sets, 5 from the first set and one extra ball from the second set, our wheels apply only for the 5 numbers in the first set. The wheels are identified as

5-V in B

where, V represents how many Mega Millions numbers to wheel, and B is number of plays that will be generated by the wheel. Please see Abbreviated Lottery Wheels for a general discussion of lottery wheels.

For each value of numbers-to-wheel are listed several Mega Millions wheels identified by how many plays are generated and what the guarantees of the wheel are for each match. The 'w' character stands for 'winners'. For example, the 5-8 in 20 wheel is listed as:

20 : 5w 4 if 5, 1w 4 if 4, 3w 3 if 3, 6w 2 if 2.
This means that 20 Mega Millions plays will be generated, then, the first description before the comma reads as - "the wheel guarantees at least 5 winners of 4 if you match 5 numbers"; the second, "1 winner of 4 if you match 4 numbers", and so on.

Although some wheels appear to be identical, a careful examination of the guarantees will reveal a difference either in the guarantee value or the number of minimum winners for the same match. How many plays will be generated by the corresponding Mega Millions full wheel are listed below the numbers to wheel as FW: 5-V in B. Sometimes, you could be better-off with the full wheel.

Click on the Mega Millions wheel of your choice to go to the generating page which also lists a full description of the selected Mega Millions wheel.

Numbers to WheelPlays : Guarantees

FW: 5-6 in 6

FW: 5-7 in 21

FW: 5-8 in 56

FW: 5-9 in 126

FW: 5-10 in 252

FW: 5-11 in 462

FW: 5-12 in 792

FW: 5-13 in 1287

FW: 5-14 in 2002

FW: 5-15 in 3003

FW: 5-16 in 4368

FW: 5-17 in 6188

FW: 5-18 in 8568

FW: 5-19 in 11628

FW: 5-20 in 15504

Wheel Usage Notes

The order in which you click on the numbers matters!

Because of the inherent design of abbreviated wheels, in some wheels certain numbers appear more frequently than others as can be seen at the bottom of the "Wheel details" column of the selected wheel page. So, if you want to give more importance to some of your numbers, you have to select them in the order depicted by their frequencies.

For example, if the distribution reads as 1x7, 2x9, 3x9, 4x6, etc., it means that the first number you click will appear 7 times in the wheel, the second and the third 9 times, the fourth 6 times, and so on. And if your numbers are 25, 27, 36, 7, etc, and if you want to give more importance to 7 and 27, then they have to be clicked second and third. Note that the final generated numbers are rearanged in ascending order to help you easily mark them on the lottery game slip.

UPDATE: We have attempted to redesign the wheels so that the high frequency numbers appear at the beginning. Thus, the first few numbers that you click on to select better be the ones you give more importance to.

Also, to facilitate the selection order, we have added a line that dynamically lists the order in which you have selected the numbers below the numbers panel.

Another usage note regards using the same wheel to generate more than one set of numbers. Sometimes it is wise to use a smaller wheel for different sets of numbers rather than using one big wheel. Once you generate one set of your numbers, if you want to wheel another set using the same wheel, just unselect the previous numbers one at a time and enter the new ones. The newly generated numbers will be appended to the previous ones, separated by a line.

Last, but not least, you can transfer the generated numbers to a new empty window for printing or saving on your computer.

About Our Abbreviated Wheels Collection

Abbreviated lottery wheels are desiged to satisfy "at least one winner of T numbers if M of the wheeled numbers match the winning numbers". While satisfying this condition, the wheel will also yield better results if the numbers matched are higher than the M it is designed for. This is one of the reasons why we have grouped the wheels by the numbers to wheel rather than by the condition they satisfy. The other reason is that it is simpler for the player to pick a wheel since he/she usually has a specific number of favorite numbers and a limitted amount to spend.

The initial creation of abbreviated lottery wheels is not an easy task. Some of the wheels listed here were designed by us while others are colleted from the internet and refined. In any case, we do not claim to have the best collection, even though we have done our best to achieve that. We will continue to add more wheels (and also remove some) as our wheel designer program improves.

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